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Brussatte’s Pseudoscience in Science 2017

Brussatte continues to occupy a position supposed to be used by a scientist, and has been allowed to write yet another piece of rubbish in Science. He’s commented further on it in What a mess. To understand the evolution … Continue reading

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Ed Yong is not a skeptical reporter

Andrew Gelman continues to investigate science quality: How to improve science reporting? Dan Vergano sez: It’s not about reality, it’s all about a salary …this time focusing on science journalism. But the situation is worse than this. Gelman quotes science … Continue reading

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Defending David Attenborough: Groupism And Incompetence

“If you can’t ride two horses at once you shouldn’t be in the bloody circus!” (Jim Callahan; Prime Minister). “Evidence is those observations not well explained by a theory, or not as well explained by one theory as by another.” … Continue reading

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Oh, Oh, Woe What A Lovely Referendum!

Last week I heard someone say, without deceit: “Why? What did she do?” when told Hilary Benn had been sacked. I think that person might really be on to something! Better just cut yourself off from the news and politics … Continue reading

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Celebrating Dylan Thomas

What? Eh?! You mean Dylan Thomas day is TODAY?! OK – well a bit rough and ready then… “…Down to the sloeblack, slow, black…” as you can see from the pic of my script below – not that anybody can … Continue reading

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Jingmai O’Connor Values Peer Review and Palaeo PhDs and Demonstrates Their Uselessness

Some dramas you’ve just got to comment on, whether or not they lead to any moral conclusions… But as it happens, this one certainly does… CAST: Jingmai O’Connor. A feisty but very very personable person (she chats very pleasantly here), … Continue reading

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The Dinosaur Wore Bubblewrap pt2 – Further Thoughts

[Continuing from my first posting on Duane Nash’s idea that some scales on some dinosaurs may have contained air (or at least gas), thereby providing thermal insulation…] I think Duane has in mind hollownesses within nodular scales that were sometimes … Continue reading

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