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On Heers’ inclined plane work on evolution of birds and their flight, and further comments

Audobon posted on Heers’ work rationalising the Inclined Plane theory of the evolution of bird flight – a version of the “Ground up” theory, which is physically impossible and not surprisingly shows no signs of being recapitulated to any extent … Continue reading

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Losing Their Religion: Peer Review Trashes Itself Again – Will Self Questions Collider – Jim Kirkland Says Utahraptor 2F

SELF AT CERNE Religion’s been in the news lately but some para-religious currents haven’t been fully covered. Will Self wandered round the Large Hadron Collider, and pondered its significance. He found he wasn’t allowed to walk all round the track … Continue reading

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Failure of Honesty and Openness from Hawks and Zimmer Over Viral Rates and Split Dates

The viral inserts into our DNA and that of our close primate relatives have been counted. Magiorkinis et al, “The decline of human endogenous retroviruses: extinction and survival.” Retrovirology 2015, show graphs that seem to show the rates of these … Continue reading

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