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Bugs, boids an’ ‘ting’

A little preliminary bonus: the following snippet is ten words, totaling 45 letters between them 🙂 : The average word is between four and five letters long Now on to the serious stuff… The six-minute walk to the local supermarket … Continue reading

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Why does your breath get colder when your mouth hole is smaller?

On “In Our Time“, Radio 4, on Thursday 16th May 2013, about 17 minutes in, we were reminded of the old controversy of people changing the temperature of their breath at will, as for example in “the Aesop’s fable“? Actually, … Continue reading

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Darryl Holman

The problem of Darryl Holman has started to be addressed.

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Lifestyle of vodroms, e.g. Microraptor, revisited

The “Microraptor also ate fish” thread on the dinosaur mailing list started a few days ago because the small highly-feathered four-winged Velociraptor-relative had been found with fish inside it. (In fact, I think now we’ve had a pretty representative sample … Continue reading

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