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Donald Knuth : Arthur C Clarke Marlo from the Wire : AshleyYoung from Man. Utd. Michael Collins from 1930’s Ireland : Ed Balls shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Francis Rossi from Quo (and Peckham) : John Fairhall from Brownhill fencing … Continue reading

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Serotonin: The Prime Minister’s Bananas

Those close to Gordon Brown pushed as many bananas into him as they could. I expect this was because bananas are supposed to increase serotonin, which in turn should help calmness because serotonin is considered the ‘happiness’ neurotransmitter. But it … Continue reading

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What happened to progress in AI

Who ordered this future? 🙂 For many years I liked to think I was keeping up with AI, keeping my own ideas ticking over, and very occasionally catching a glimpse over other peoples’ shoulders. But there was always the possibility … Continue reading

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Slinky; Packham

A magic week for physics! No, not next week’s announcement that the money-pit in Switzerland will now start showing a profit (yeah, right!), nor that its funding would now be directed to cheaper, not to say more useful science… but … Continue reading

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