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Quentin Cooper, His Leaving, and Did He Read My Book?

Quentin Cooper has ceased to present Material World on BBC Radio 4. 1. Was he sacked as such or was it all incidental to some other change? 2. Why does he matter to me? 3. Why does it matter at … Continue reading

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Talking To The Taliban

Com Mr. Taliban – Tally me banAAAAAAAna !

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Tredegar: Stately Home of Wales, Complete With Nutty Lords and Ladies

Some years ago I decided to prepare for being an Old Person: National Trust; Bridge; Gardens. I soon realised I wasn’t going to do any better at being an Old Person than I had at being a teenager, so I … Continue reading

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Springwatch: bird penises and middle-sized gulls

In last night’s Springwatch on BBC 2, Chris Packham said that birds in general didn’t have penises but ducks were re-evolving them. The true situation is, I believe, that two of the three groups of birds alive today, roughly: ratites, … Continue reading

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Bugs, Boids an’ ‘ting’ 2

A few days ago there was another aerial show. A dark menacing sky would have been suitable, but it was tinfoil bright. If it had been sea instead of sky, and the subject suicide instead of murder, it would have … Continue reading

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