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On Mickey Mortimer’s Chilesaurus “Hmmm”

Dinosaurs that make you go “Hmmm”… MM has found the extreme instability of cladistic placements for something called Chilesaurus, intriguing. He seems to be thinking: if its place in the tree is so all over the place, how can you … Continue reading

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Betty Boop Was Black! J. Edgar Hoover Too, But Betty Boop – Wow!

Why does it seem strange not to be surprised at lying, hypocritial J. E. Hoover having been so hypocritical? Well, precisely because we already knew what he was like, I suppose! He was only slightly black it seems, but of … Continue reading

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Yi qi Solved. Gee and Padian Judged.

What happens if you can’t deal with scientific novelty, but you’re paid to pretend you can… and then a big lump drops on you? At the end we’ll see what Henry Gee and Kevin Padian managed to do, without their making … Continue reading

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