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“Lucy” still not understood by her discoverer Don Johanson

Deborah Netburn of Los Angeles Times recently interviewed Don Johanson, the discoverer of the important ape-woman Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) forty years ago. It is reported here on news. Here, I report some of the interview, and insert comments. Below … Continue reading

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Pluve, The Mistress Of Wistfulness, the best after all! Thought so :-)

About five years ago I passed on to the electronic common room for Open University tutors, the suggestion I’d seen that Helen MacDonald’s writing, as “Pluvialis”, in her Fretmarks blog, was the best writing on the internet – a view … Continue reading

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Not Through bird bones; & Parrot- not Polly- phyletic raptors

Open letter to Chris Packham following episode 12 of The Wonder Of Animals – Birds Of Prey Hi Chris – Great series. I caught about half of it but will watch it all again eventually. It taught viewers including me … Continue reading

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