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Nice experience with my computer issue in South Wales

If you need Mac or PC advice in South Wales, I’ve found these folks are both rather co-operative:

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Hopeless Analysis of Human-Chimp Split By New Scientist

New Scientist recently managed to write an article discussing the date for the human-chimp split, omitting one of the most decisive pieces of evidence, to drag the field back 10 years. The claim was made that the split might be … Continue reading

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No Language Facility Evolution Since 100kya

In other words, the evolution of our language ability was effectively COMPLETE by one hundred thousand years ago. I’ve been shocked in the last year or so to see it claimed on TV, that language started evolving fifty thousand years … Continue reading

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What Philby Did Next

Some personal heroes have obvious justifications, but have any of your heroes genuinely helped or inspired you to any achievement? Leonardo do Vinci was my first hero, and though I’ve had some interesting ideas about flying I suppose, and did … Continue reading

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Chomsky and the Google man Norvig, On The Nature Of AI and Science

Recently a heap big pow-wow in the big chiefs’ wigwam hashed out the essence not just of AI but eventually of science itself. Or at least tried to. It was at the 150th anniversary of MIT – the Massachussets Institute … Continue reading

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