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The Dinosaur Wore Bubblewrap pt2 – Further Thoughts

[Continuing from my first posting on Duane Nash’s idea that some scales on some dinosaurs may have contained air (or at least gas), thereby providing thermal insulation…] I think Duane has in mind hollownesses within nodular scales that were sometimes … Continue reading

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The Dinosaur Wore Bubblewrap – Duane Nash’s brilliant SIGIL idea

The most frightening dinosaur fossil I ever saw was the South American sauropod hatchling with its hairless skin. All it had was nodules … but because its ancestors were obligate bipeds, they must have been warm-blooded… and therefore presumably the … Continue reading

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Wikipedia asked for my view on Wikipedia…

Recently I was invited by Wikipedia to tweet a comment about them; they offered some examples to inspire me. But I was “inspired” already! My views don’t quite fit into a tweet… 15th Birthday of Wikipedia: Wikipedia is the toy … Continue reading

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