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John Hawks’ Interesting New Homo Evolution Chart

I do like the Human Evolution chart John Hawks mentioned in Twitter that he is working on at the mo! [Useful tip: to get the full size version I put into WordPress, right-click on the image and open in a … Continue reading

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The Christmas Vodrom Takes Wing!

It’s funny how things get started. But how could a thing like this happen.. and what is it?! This episode happened and was written-up around the Christmas of last year, which is why it has to appear today, to avoid … Continue reading

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Human Evolution Nov 2019 The Dismal View From The Shoulder Of Orion

What would an off-world viewer think of the current state of palaeoanthropology? In just a week, we’ve had two banana skins for the field to slip up on – and show itself up over. First, the over-hyping of the mitochondrial … Continue reading

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Will Self and James Bond

In Will Self’s ten-minute A Point Of View yesterday, he related the alarming experiences of a friend of his in, or it seems, ‘at’, the hands of the mental health services: Parity of Esteem. A difficult area. “One Flew Over … Continue reading

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Tom Foale’s “QuantumChoices” twitter thread on economics of “Brexit – Whose Interests?”

[This post also available as a pdf: ] On August 3rd 2018, Tom Foale Twitterering as @tfoale : “QuantumChoices”, gave a vivid economics-graphics-based series of tweets, replying to “Adam”. I have not been able to locate the tweets in … Continue reading

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Causation, Correlation, And The Perfection Of Science

The Director of, a professor of mathematical sciences, wrote in Causation vs Correlation, how journalists and others have the problem of how one establishes causality – and avoid misleading the public. Though a controlled study? Say for example you … Continue reading

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Hey! A May Hay Holiday! Kiri Bloom Walden and Helen Castor

Perhaps an hour spent laughing at badstockphotosofmyjob late on Monday night prepared me for a bit of frivolity, so when I noticed Helen Castor was talking at the Hay festival the next day, I checked out the programme of speakers. … Continue reading

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Sabine hasn’t killed Popper

Sabine Hossenfelder – the phenomenology of quantum gravity – has I’m glad to say an interest in philosophy of science… and a popular blog called Backreaction. In her areas of interest, as in mine, there are problems, but in hers … Continue reading

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Steve Jones Says Low Human Diversity Due To Cultural Evolution

Aaaarghgh!!!!! But let’s keep calm and start from the beginning… Your DNA is much more like mine than it should be. There should be variation within a species – there should be because it helps any species survive under challenging … Continue reading

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Isn’t Nature Wonderful!? #001 Praying Mantis and Hummingbird

Put together from the New York Times online article about Tom Vaughan’s pictures:

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