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The most spectacular war hero of the 20th Century?

“Only he is lost who gives himself up for lost” His was a drama where the central figure starts by struggling through repeated adversity over many years, eager to serve but held back apparently unfairly, until at long last, long … Continue reading

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Lines on the Demise of News of the World

So Farewell then News of the World, Or ‘Screws of the World’ as the ‘Eye’ had it. Your wilful confusing of public interest with what would interest the prurient inevitably meant you screwed the public. You claimed you did a … Continue reading

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Vertebrate Palaeontology scientific? Surely you’re joking! 1

Because theories in palaeontology can be hard to check (no time machine, and experiments being a bit tricky for the field), theorisation can get pretty bad. And it does. How bad? In the next few postings, I’m going to look … Continue reading

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