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What Philby Did Next

Some personal heroes have obvious justifications, but have any of your heroes genuinely helped or inspired you to any achievement? Leonardo do Vinci was my first hero, and though I’ve had some interesting ideas about flying I suppose, and did … Continue reading

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The Secret Dinobird Story discussion page 01

On this webpage, and maybe on additions to the series, I’ll be discussing points others have raised over the book. Readers may post comments to this page, or to any later ones in the series, or to the book page. … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens – the view through his last book Hitch-22

Christopher Hitchens is fascinating to me not just because he constantly criticised to the point where ‘critic’ no longer seemed adequate, but also because of the parallels of his life with mine which he often developed down avenues that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Even the Good Guys: Pallen’s “The Rough Guide to Evolution”, and Circularity

This and the preceding three postings clear some important things up, this time relating to top class scientists. When I saw John Hawks at Birmingham I also encountered Mark Pallen whose main claim to fame 😉 is being professor of … Continue reading

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The most spectacular war hero of the 20th Century?

“Only he is lost who gives himself up for lost” His was a drama where the central figure starts by struggling through repeated adversity over many years, eager to serve but held back apparently unfairly, until at long last, long … Continue reading

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