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Steve Jones Says Low Human Diversity Due To Cultural Evolution

Aaaarghgh!!!!! But let’s keep calm and start from the beginning… Your DNA is much more like mine than it should be. There should be variation within a species – there should be because it helps any species survive under challenging … Continue reading

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The ecological vicars strike again! Springer vs O’Leary in the mammal tree wars

Just a quick snapshot of this crucial issue in palaeontology, whose protagonists on both sides are, unusually, both favourites of mine. It’s about whether the mammals just scraped through the K-T boundary, or not. It’s about whether the big third … Continue reading

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New Scientist Still Selling You Naive Science

Recently, New Scientist published a feature on evolution: “Find The Gaps – The Hunt For Evolution’s Missing Links” by one of their longstanding favourites, the biologically unqualified Jeff Hecht. It tried to sum up the evolutionary trail by highlighting moments … Continue reading

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