Wikipedia asked for my view on Wikipedia…

Recently I was invited by Wikipedia to tweet a comment about them; they offered some examples to inspire me. But I was “inspired” already! My views don’t quite fit into a tweet…

15th Birthday of Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is the toy of a power-freak who wanted to exercise world dominance in something, and chose an academic area to which he brings no care or expertise: knowledge management. (You can see his incompetence in his emphasis on “fact”, a term which delights and galvanises amateurs but which genuine knowledge technicians know to be an unreal idealism.)

He’s heard of a thing called the Hive Mind, and he wants to use it as an excuse for getting thousands of enthusiatic mutually supporting ignoramusses to over-rule those who take their area seriously enough to have dedicated years of study to it – that’s proper academic study where the tricky writings of those who went earlier are dwelt on until they’re understood. Instead, in place of discipline, dedication and open-minded research, subjects are driven by shallow gang-thinking, and hatred of outsiders – the very ones who have always done the scientific and inventive work. Far from the open-minded and neutral style that is claimed, Wikipedia encourages those who have no qualifications in anything, to treat those with qualifications, as simple-minded juvenile delinquents, so long as they can be outnumbered.

Now, anyone working in an area that the ignorant consider accessible, finds their job of propagating their insights to the world a thousand times more dificult. Hard subjects are largely immune, and many genuine experts each make occasional contributions in these areas, but Wikipedia is contributing to the continuing zombification of some e.g. historical disciplines.

Wikipedia’s growth curve is dropping because they’ve gone almost everywhere, but luckily the answers to simple questions are available elsewhere now, in places the young hooligans of Wikipedia can’t interfere. So to give the power-punk’s toy a fillip, they’re asking for more money, and advertising positive views from non-westerners. This is one area where the supposedly “balanced style” of Wikipedia does not appear, but instead we see the true, unbalanced and artificially distorted style. First, tens of thousands of people hate WIkipedia and their existence isn’t suggested in the adverts; and second, the vast majority of those who’ve climbed the greasy pole within Wikipedia are to an overwhelming extent white westerners (and male of course). And when they excuse their excesses with the chant “Freedom and Demoracy” it means they get the democracy and you lose your freedom.

The good news is that the Wikipedia guy has an awful lot of enemies. And he deserves to have.

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