I Fry A Pie

Driven to distraction by the unbearable blandness of texture of the Co-op fruit pie pastry, I resort to extreme measures:raw pie 750x500 01 sharpened
pie in pan perked 750x500 04

If before frying the quality was say 4, after frying it was about 7, nearly. The texture was novel – like what you’d expect from that green unelastic sponge stuff for poking cut flowers into, called Oasis (very poisonous, they say). But a pleasant texture.

I was surprised that there was no spitting during the frying, but I kept my big glasses on anyway. I cooked both sides and used quite a high heat, finding that a slight blackening in certain areas, as used on the first, big slice, was best:
pie big piece

Naturally I had to replicate the experiment, and found with slightly less cooking the results weren’t so good. By the end of the second batch I’d eaten about 60% of the pie but I was wishing that I hadn’t used, with some addition, the original oil found in the pan, which had been used for repeated egg fryings, each time with a little supplement. Just before the end I also wished I hadn’t had the second helping.
pie bits 750x500 01

Nonetheless a worthwhile addition to the cullinary portfolio, if not quite a major one, and a significant improvement on microwaving or grilling those pies.

BTW, a few months ago I tried out a single ring ceramic hob. It cooked by applying the power for a few seconds, then turnng off, then repeating.

Although the ability to set a timer as well as the power setting, was quite nice, the power consumption was massive compared to cooking with electric rings and the microwave. Also it developed a habit of saying something was wrong, and stopping working. It now lives under the stairs. Permanently.

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