Ee Eez DHeDH!

The first words, apparently, spoken by Omar Sharif in a Western film: “He Is Dead” …after first emerging ominously from the famous mirage scene in Lawrence of Arabia, and then shooting some bloke he’d never met before for what might, to many people, seem a skimpy reason.
Great cinema of course, but it wasn’t just his image on the screen but his voice that I found arresting. His softish but doom-sodden Ds, as in “Ee Eez DHeDH”, and also, his reply when Lawrence asked what might have happened to that bloke who’d fallen off a camel some way back when they were trekking across the Sun’s Anvil.

Lawrence: “What happened to him?”

OS’s character: “GhoDH knows.”

I have so tried to find the same voice he used to say that but I can’t find it anywhere! When people in my family say “God knows” it is entirely devoid of honour and awe. But when Omar Sharif said it, it is All Honour, All Awe, All God and All DOOM!

Some people, even Egyptians, say I look a bit Egyptian, but unfortunately I don’t look anything like this:
A “Six No Trumps” life doubled and redoubled!

Didn’t think much of Dr. Zhivago though 🙂 .

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