Bloodshed C++ compiler OLD VERSION 4 download here!

The noble effort of the Bloodshed freely available C++ compiler (see here and here) has stood me in good stead for years. Right from the start I tried the version 5 but it never worked for me then and it doesn’t now for some reason. The “new” V5 editor is ok, but when it compiles, the executable source doesn’t seem to appear. Actually the V5 editor is a bit slow, to tell the truth, and whatever it is doing that the V4 doesn’t bother with, is something I don’t need. Also… the autotabbing on the V5 editor doesn’t seem to work for me.

Because of the above, and because I can’t be doing with converting all my old sources to overcome some subtle but irritating difference between the original compiler and anything new, I really need the V4 Bloodshed. Unfortunately, due to a PC refurbishment, I needed to re-install it, but I couldn’t find what I did with the original download, and, horror of horrors, the sites where it was originally available have been removed! 😦

But… I eventually did find the old download, so I’m making it available here. It is in the form of a zipped folder, but I keep it on my site as a .gif file.

Download the devcpp4.gif and change the name to Then just unzip it (e.g. right click on it then select “Extract all” or whatever), read the ReadMe.txt text file and follow the instructions.

It may be that the V4 doesn’t work with modern versions of Windows. If I was going to get a new computer I’d get another Mac, so I’m not the person to ask about later Windows versions I’m afraid.

I should say that sometimes the V4 version says there are some serious compiler errors when there aren’t. You can often tell when it’s trying it on because the list of diagnostics at the bottom of the screen ends in a rather untidy way, often with a little vertical thick bar over twards the left. But you just have to keep clicking the compile button when that does happen, and eventually it will do it right. It isn’t a problem when you’re used to it.

I’m hoping the producers/owners of Bloodshed are happy for me to offer V4 here, but if they aren’t, they just have to contact me.

Good luck!

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