The Twelve Clades of Christmas

As we have a nice new set of bird clades, perhaps we can seasonally twelve them 🙂

Annoyingly, the original is packed with birds in the wrong place (though perhaps not much worse than the Wetmore list). Three French Hens and Two turtle doves would actually be right if they were the other way round, but anyway, here goes:

During the Cretaceous the first clade off the tree
was tinamou, ratites, ca-sso-war-ry [try to squeeze tinamou into two syllables.]

During the Cretaceous the next clade off the tree
was ducks, chi-ckens, geese and tur-key [screamers to replace chickens in services after Advent.]

After the Cretaceous the 3rd clade off the tree
was pigeons, grebes and fla-a-ming-os [ok, so from here on in, won’t rhyme with “tree” or “me” 🙂 .]

After the Cretaceous the nth clade off the tree, was… [don’t actually say the number 🙂 .]

4 bustards, cuckoos a-and tura-cos
5 nightjars swifts and hu-u-mming-birds
6 waders, cra-anes and the hoatzin
7 tropic birds and su-un-bitt-ern [sorry, Kagu!]
8 Gannets, pe-li-cans and pen-guins
9 Vultures, Eagles, Haw-awks and owls
10 mousebirds, rollers, trogons, hornbills, hoopoes, woodpeckers, toucans, kingfishers, bee-eaters and ja-a-ca-mars
11seri-ama a-and falcons [seriama actually sister to final three but never mind!]
12 Parrots a-and pa-a-sser-rines

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