The Secret Dinobird Story – Book Page

The Secret Dinobird Story:
Dinosaur, bird, dog & human evolution elucidated at last as palaeontology gets real science

Dare you read it? Dare you not!

You wait years for a revolution in a science, then three come along at once!

Turaco photos at top right via Wikipedia: green one: Ian Wilson. Grey and white one: Steve Garvie. Drawings lower right James Field and G.S. Paul.

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Three revolutions or more? Keep a tally as you read through the book.

* Dinobird family tree turned the right way up…

* Failures in old palaeontological technique corrected across the board…

* Pathetic past practitioners highlighted – genuine heroes lauded…

* Fascinating complexities explained with maximum simplicity (author an OU lecturer)…

* Long-standing field-blocking conundrums cracked…

* Decades of pseudo-academic crut washed away as crucial human and dog insights brought to light.


100,000 words; over 70 illustrations. More than one book for less than one hamburger – just $2.99! (UK: just over £2 or $ equivalent; Eurozone: about €3.)

Read a free sample here, or from the book’s page on the Amazon store

Most of it you’ll read for fun and entertainment.

It does include some clarification of practical philosophy of science, and this is explained. You’ll understand it fine but it may take years to savour fully. But just the sciencepolice-14 rules are worth a year’s science education – particularly to researchers.

The appendices contain a bit of information processing, for those who want to check out the technicalities.

Palaeontology hasn’t always made a lot of sense until now; this book was designed to fix that and move the field on. You owe it to yourself and your students to find out the new ideas early – don’t get left behind!

There is a discussion webpage for this book.

Comments on the book can be posted as comments to that page or subsequent additions to it, or to this page. Follow-up discussions from comments, and from any external reviews, will be featured in web postings to this blog, starting with the discussion webpage.

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